NewsLetter-Nov – Ruby Bakshi Khurdi

Ruby Bakshi Khurdi


The wait is finally over!
My Masterclass on Emotional Intelligence (EI) is now LIVE

Stressful careers, highly active jobs, demanding partners, we’re all dealing with our own unique set of problems in life. However, they can all be tackled with one common solution. By taking charge of your emotions before they take charge of you.
Managing emotions is not as easy as it sounds; and we all go through a roller coaster of them. Some days are great, when everything works well, but some days can be chaotic when things do not work to plan. Emotions are not fluffy, mythical, concepts. They are part of human biology. They are chemicals that help regulate our minds and bodies, assisting us to cope with the complexities of making decisions, interacting with people, and finding our way through life. We feel emotions to help us pay attention, focus our attention and motivate us to action. While sometimes they’re confusing, emotions are part of us, so we might as well learn to use them well.
Come join my newly launched Masterclass on Emotional Intelligence and learn to take CHARGE of your emotions. Your key to eternal success.

Invited as the KeyNote Speaker at ‘Eshraqat’ opening ceremony, UAE

I want to wholeheartedly thank the Ministry of Tolerance, UAE, for inviting me to deliver the keynote address at the opening ceremony of ‘Eshraqat’. It was an absolute honour to be speaking at an event focusing on such a relevant topic. All credit goes to the Ministry of Tolerance, UAE, and the eminent dignitaries, H.E. Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan, Minister for Tolerance and Coexistence, H.E. Hussain Ibrahim Al-Hammadi, Minister of Education, Professor Temple Grandin, Sam Barnett & Andrew Hammond. I feel immensely proud and grateful to have been given this opportunity to create an impact as an educationist.

In conversation with Smt Smriti Irani Ji, Hon Union Minister of Women and Child Development

I had the absolute honour of interacting with Smriti Irani Ji (Hon Union Minister of Women and Child Development) on NRI SAMWAD, a brilliant initiative by BJP UP. Needless to say, I was awed by charismatic personality, and her great command over both Hindi & English!
She patiently addressed all our questions and shared her thoughts on what’s happening and how global citizens of India can contribute towards the dream of our revolutionary Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modiji.
I spoke alongside eminent dignitaries including Dr Vijay Chauthaiwale ji, Department of Foreign Affairs, BJP and Kr. Raj Rajeshwar Singh ji among others. I would like to especially thank Dr. Manoj Kumar Shah ji, State Co-Convenor Foreign Affairs Department | BJP - UP for this beautiful initiative & giving us all an opportunity to interact with important policy makers in the Indian government.
I look forward to doing everything I can to further the stellar efforts of the Ministry of Education, GOI, to contribute significantly to our Janambhoomi. (Video credit: BJP UP facebook LIVE)

A session on Emotional Intelligence at the Swiss Hotel Management School, Caux

I conducted an amazing session on Emotional Intelligence with the Masters students of SHMS Caux.The students had a great time discovering the following,
✅ Facets of Emotions
✅ Power of EQ Vs. IQ
✅ EI at Work
✅ EI in Hospitality
✅ EI in Presentation Skills
✅ Practicing Empathy in classes
The session concluded with a fun Kahoot! which was received excitedly by all students and helped them understand the concept in a fun, engaging way.

A session on ‘Communicating With Impact at the Hotel Institute, Montreux

I conducted a session on ‘Communicating With Impact for the Budding Leaders of tomorrow’, for the Swiss Education Group Student Leadership Forum hosted by the Hotel Institute, Montreux. The session was highly appreciated by all participants from six different campuses across Switzerland. I also shared some precious Leadership Mantras as an impromptu part of my session to help the students further.

A session on Emotional Intelligence for Chinese professionals from a reputed hospitality brand

I conducted an engaging session on the ‘Role of Emotional Intelligence at Workplace’, for Chinese Professionals of a prestigious hospitality brand. The session was focused on the following topics,
🎯 The role of EI in making working a memorable experience for employees as well as employers
🎯 How EI helps in employee retention
🎯 The significant role of EI in managing diversity at work

Invited as a Guest Speaker at Dr. Ai Addyson-Zhang’s Education Disruptor LIVE Talk show

I spoke on,‘How to raise Emotionally Intelligent Children’. The whole experience was electrifying and I had a splendid time conducting and demonstrating an impromptu LIVE Kahoot Quiz LIVE on 5 different social media platforms including Amazon! The session focused on the following topics,
➡️ EQ Vs. IQ
➡️ What is EQ?
➡️ Why does EQ matter more than IQ?
➡️ The best practices to follow at home to cultivate emotionally intelligent kids
➡️ Tools and resources for raising high EQ kids
➡️ My personal stories from home & work

Mérite Communal 2021 Rennaz

I feel honored and delighted to receive the ‘Mérite Communal 2021 Rennaz’, in the Social Empowerment Category, conferred by the esteemed Commune De Rennaz. I truly appreciate their gesture. These recognitions only bring more self-belief and dedication to my work.

Sarojini Naidu International Award 2021

I was honored with the Dr. Sarojini Naidu International Award, by ICMEI World, the board of AAFT University of Media & Arts Academy, in association with International Women’s Film Forum. I want to specially thank Mr Sandeep Marwah and the eminent Jury for bestowing me with this prestigious recognition. I am humbled and inspired to work harder.


Thank you for conducting this wonderful workshop. It was very informative. Genuinely one of the best workshops that I have attended. I feel that I have learned a lot about the classroom enlightening and how it can be really fun too.

Ms. Aishwarya Kabadi
English TIC (Grade 2)

Thanks for your enlightening session on HUMOUR in education. You shared amazing strategies with us which we can easily implement in our classes, be it virtual or physical. You are Resourceful, Uber,Brilliant and Youthful.

Jimi Khimasia
Math TIC (Grade 3)

Positive Global Reviews for my book on VLE

My book on ‘How To Engage Learners In A Virtual Learning Environment’ has been garnering positive reviews
from educators all around the world. Read what they have to say.

Andreas Wirz
Lecturer Hotel Institute Montreux,

Sandra Rebelo Greven
Senior Lecturer
in Accounting